Monday, 2 May 2011

What we have learnt

Since Garys diagnosis in February and his subsequent operation in April we have both done a lot of research and reading.
Some of the books i recommend are

Anti cancer a new way of life by Dr David Servan-Schreiber
Eat to beat Cancer by Dr Rosy Daniel and Jane Sen
Imperfectly natural woman by Janey Lee Grace

We have come to the conclusion that back in the 1940s was probably the last time the Planet and people were at their healthiest, animals grazed naturally, were fed normally and there were not as many pesticides, produce was local grown and fresher when bought because of that, but since then in our opinion, because of an increase in population more pesticides have been developed to increase yield, animals have been given growth hormones and fed differently to ensure a higher yield, people have become cash rich but time poor so have turned to processed food to save time, fresh produce has travelled many miles to the supermarket before we buy it or has been treated to preserve it longer. Short cuts ALWAYS have a price to pay at some point.

We have also decided that you can't live healthily on a "sick" Planet but we can limit the damage by doing what we can and we believe it is something everyone should think about. When we started using eco-friendly products from Wikaniko our shopping trip got shorter because we could miss out the toiletries and cleaning sections out, now we also miss out on a lot of other food sections and our shopping habits have totally changed.
Its been difficult but we are learning each day and i'm sure over time with some organisation it will get easier. We now start the day with some brazil nuts for our rda of selenium which apparently has suffered as vegetables have further to travel because we buy them so the selenium is reduced or non existent, a few dates to help our seretonin levels (feel good chemical) and which also gives our green tea a sweet taste without having to add sugar which we are trying to cut out (except natural sugars). Apparently agave nectar from the aloe vera plant is an alternative for sugar and sweetners.
Many tinned and processed items have hidden sugars so its always wise just to glance at the label and see how much sugar it contains, when i started doing this it was a real eye opener.
I have also been researching Candida (yeast overgrowth) and the information i have found has all linked to what we have been reading about Cancer as well. Basically our way of life and diet in the Western World has led to our immune systems suffering and without a healthy immune system you are more likely to develop disease and be ill. There are many factors which affect our immune systems, diet, stress, pollutants, chemicals as well as environmental factors. We now have a lot of radio waves transmitting around us, wireless networks, mobile phones and so on and we won't know for many years if these are affecting us.
There is absolutely no way we would go back to using chemicals in our household in toiletries or cleaning products, we love the Wikaniko products and we know that we are being kind to the Planet and ourselves by using them. We are also cutting down on our meat intake and eating more vegetables and fruit (organic whenver possible) and are aiming to go totally organic over time and using natural forms of sugar in baking eg bananas for sweetness, using soya milk in place of cows milk and generally cutting down on the amount of diary but increasing our oily fish intake and other beneficial superfoods (onions, garlic, tomatoes, nuts, seed, pulses, beetroot, peppers and so on).
A general rule to go by is eat lots of colours, a rainbow diet.

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