Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The baby birds have fledged and our bird feeding station has gone very quiet, a few weeks ago we could see anything up to 7 baby great tits feeding and being fed, the baby blackbird and various other birds and babies. The first flush of flowers has been and gone, we now have the buddlias coming into flower which usually means butterflies. We have a butterfly box and have put out a yellow sponge with a weak honey solution on to try and attract them.

We have enjoyed sitting out in our little summerhouse (converted shed) or should i say being converted, we have a couple of moroccon lamps and comfy chairs and overlook the bird feeding station, water feature and my buddha figure. At night we lit candles and just sat in there, a lovely place to sit ,relax and contemplate and clear the mind which i think is lacking in most peoples lives these day.

We have now converted our place of quiet into an office for Gary and I to focus on our Wikaniko Business . It was a sacrifice which we talked about and thought about in some depth. We called our little "retreat" Greenhaven mark 1, our ulimate aim is to have a place in Devon called Greenhaven and have log cabins in the grounds as a retreat from the normal hussle and bussel of everyday life, where anyone can get away from it. Whether its to come to terms with an illness or loss, inspiration for writing, painting or other activity or just a break away for a few days to recharge batteries.

Our Wikaniko Business is going to help us achieve our dream and we decided that sacrificing Greenhaven Mark 1 would move us quicker towards Mark 2 and would give us the space and enable us to have a place where we can focus on the Business and move it forward quicker. Its been just over 24hrs of having our dedicated office space and today has been a great day, it has made it so much easier to separate home and Business. I got up and without all the clutter of my office bits and bobs over tables and other surfaces i tidied round in record time. I whizzed through some paperwork that needed doing in the office without being distracted by household chores and i think as it was such a relaxing place before it has still held some of that peace and calmness.
Its a place where we can throw around ideas together and brainstorm and have everything to hand to run our Business making it feel more professional and organised. I have been in a cupboard upstairs with my PC, under the stairs, in the bedroom all of which were ok until you were trying to find paperwork or on the phone and the children started arguing or someone flushed the toilet in the room next to the cupboard but i am thrilled with our upgrade. still lots to do to make it comfortable over winter but we are basically up and running and feeling great.

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