Wednesday, 28 September 2011

September 2011

Its been a busy few weeks again, we have been reviewing our garden/planting area with a view to grow more fruit and vegetables next year, we did a trial run this year as we had a late start and tried one tumbling tomato in a basket, one standard tomato plant and a cucumber plant. We were very impressed with the tumbling tomato and have lots of lovely sweet small tomatoes from it, the main plant did ok but not as well as the tumbling one. We also had one cucumber as well.
We are trying to buy organic wherever possible within our budget and will continue to add to that as we go possibly trying a home delivery company like Abel and Cole.Although we have a small garden i think with some imagination we could grow quite a bit next year.

Its amazing to us how many people we speak to who just can't see the connection between the Planets problems and peoples health and wellbeing issues with lifestyle, diet and use of chemicals. We are determined that little by little we are going to share what we have discovered and make sure people have the information to make an informed decision for themselves. I think life is just so busy, hectic and stressful that people want an easy life and they want convenience foods, one stop shopping and the latest technology but what they don't realise all this comes at a price and that price is a high one to pay in my opinion.

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