Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge Blog 10 Musings

Was a bit stuck what to blog about today and have got a day behind again, this 30 blogs in 30 days is harder than it sounds and is very eye opening and i'm learning about myself, so todays blog is a bit random.

We were travelling into town today and an old song from our teenage years came on the radio and it led to us telling our 13 year old daughter how lucky she is now with artists, bands, songs she likes.

In our day we didn't have the internet to look up a song and see them perform it on Youtube, we didn't have access to the facts about the band,artists at our fingertips or be able to google all the images of them. We had to save up for the single or LP and go into Town at the weekend to buy it, i used to look forward to my Jackie comic each week and hope that the posters in it would be my favourite people, we used to listen to the charts on a Sunday evening with our cassette player poised with the record and pause button at the ready and try and capture our favourite songs. We had a little transistor radio with one ear piece and used to listen to Radio Luxembourg in bed hoping the signal wouldn't fade.

We had no mobile phones to keep in touch with our boyfriend/girlfriends it was trapsing off to the nearest phone box if we had the cash or asking if we could use the home phone which wasn't cordless so we would have to sit on the stairs with everyone walking past us.

We had no Nintendos or Playstations we used to play scrabble, monopoly and other board Games or if nobody was free to play i used to build my ladybird books into a tower and see how high before it fell over.

Its only 30 years ago but boy it made me realise just how much things have changed in what feels like a relatively short space to time to me.


  1. Sounds so familiar. I remember listening to the charts and recording to a cassette tape also. And no cellular phones, only phone box. I wrote a lot of snail mail letters at that time. :)

  2. We had a little transistor stations with one ear item and used to pay attention to Radio Sweden in bed expecting the indication wouldn't fade.

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