Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge Blog 16 My relaxation

I'm sure we all have a favourite thing to do when we are winding down or relaxing.
My favourite thing to do is to have a candle lit soak in the bath with some Himalayan Bath Salts and my favourite music.

My favourite music consists of two fantastic groups, Il Divo and Blake.
When my children were very small i didn't really have a favourite band or group or even listen to the charts probably because my main focus was on the children. As a teenager my favourite artists were The Bay City Rollers, David Cassidy and Donny Osmond with a bit of The Dead End Kids thrown in, then i progressed onto Wham and George Michael. Then there was a large gap until i discovered Il Divo Read my other Blog HERE and have been smitten ever since, being lucky enough to have seen them live a couple of years ago and i have to say they sound as good live as they do on CD. It will be an evening i will hold special in my mind for ever and i am very grateful to Gary my hubby fordriving me up to Nottingham and back that evening and sitting with me during the concert although its really not his cup of tea.
Then i was fortune enough to discover Blake who i have been to see live 4 times and a 5th planned in August. Both groups brighten my day and really reach deep into my Soul.

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