Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge Blog 2 Attitude is Everything

Today is day 2 for me of the Ultimate Blog challenge, i started late so am going to have to catch up and do a couple of blog posts one day.

Attitude is Everything

As well as being the title of a very well known Personal Development book by Jeff Keller it is also one of my favourite quotes.
We all have down/bad/off days however positive we are normally, sometimes it can a bad nights sleep and you wake up grumpy or perhaps a loved one is in a bad mood or someone cuts you up on your way to work. All these things can have an affect on our lives if we allow them.
We can't be in control of every situation but we can be in control of our own actions and thoughts and not let whoever/whatever it is rub off onto us. If we do allow it we can find ourselves so easily on a spiral of negative thoughts causing us to see the worst in every situation or we seem to attract negative situations to us when we feel like that.

Try totally accepting how you feel in a given moment but then say thats how i feel at this moment but i'm moving on and looking for positive in the rest of the day and i choose to be happy. It sometimes helps to get outside and to commune with nature for a while, i also find that walking outside and looking up at the sky never fails to uplift me.

Try walking and looking down at the ground for a while and see how you feel then look up at the sky, clouds and treetops and see the difference. It really works for me.

We can choose to be happy, to be positive whatever the situation.
I truly believe there is positive in every situation however bad it seems and sometimes admittedly you have to dig deep to find the positive but it is there.
Our minds seem to love latching on to a problem or negative thought and it seems to give it power so we start seeing everything else as a problem as well when in fact it isn't it is just our perception at that given time.

Writing this post and reminding myself of what i believe has helped me today as i was in that situation this morning and i did get into the fresh air and look at the sky, clouds and treetops for a while and feel much better now and know today although it started off not brilliantly is going to be a fantastic day because i will make sure it is.

Have a great day everyone.

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