Friday, 28 May 2010

We have had some lovely sunny days here in Buckinghmashire, the flowers are starting to burst into bloom and the garden is full of birdsong. We have a wren nesting in a nesting box that Abbie made and painted from a kit bought her a few Christmas' ago. Because of lack of space we put it on the housewall above our back window never thinking in a millon years it would get used!! Well thress years on and we have a wren nesting in there and we quite often sit under it on the patio and the wren flies right over our heads backwards and forwards. We have been busy tidying the garden to make it a relaxing place to sit out if we get the chance and the weather this year.

I am talking to lots of people about Wikaniko and have several interested. I am gradually making my way round the village with the brochures and getting a good response to them. Still a lot of the village to cover yet so have decided in the next few weeks i will getting more brochures, its surprising how little time putting 50 brochures out takes especially when i was working with 200 each and every week with that wasn't fun!!! My enthusiasm for the products just keeps growing, i just love them all and am passionate about doing whatever i can can to help the Planet. Perhaps the only criticism so far is the dishwasher powder isn't quite as good as a non eco-friendly one, mainly on the teacups and the cutlery and glasses need bit of a buff up with a tea towel when they come out but i am going to try what another distributor does and that is to add a bit of soda crystals to the wash. This is actually a great idea as it also softens the water, will let you know what results i get doing that.

My daughter who mistreats her hair terribly with heated appliances and dyes decided she didn't like the aloe vera shampoo although the rest of us are getting on brilliantly with it especially my scalp!! so we have now tried the jojoba shampoo and conditioner and my daughter is thrilled with how soft her hair feels after using them..................another success :).
I just love the smell G'Day facial wash which both hubby and son use now and both like. We will definately be trying the other items in this range. Another development is Gary who usually have a terrible problem with painful split fingers has seen an improvement, we aren't sure exactly why but it could be because he has been using the aloe vera hand cream or perhaps because he is drinking the aloe vera juice on a daily basis.

The recycling is going well, we have gone down to just the baskets that the council provide as we didn't have the room to have our recycling bags out as well, we will just pop the baskets down to the local recycling centre if they fill up before the council collects them. It has made us realise that perhaps people aren't given enough baskets if they are going to recycle seriously and perhaps another wheelie bin would be a better idea. Different counties do seem to have coloured wheelie bins for different things.

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