Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Our Wrens

Today our little Wren family flew from the nest, 4 babies in all, must have been a very tight squeeze in there and very hot in the mornings as the nestbox has no shade from the morning Sun.
The babies spent some time flying in shortbursts onto various plants and garden ornaments and calling out to mum who patiently fed them. They eventually regrouped in the corner of the garden where they sat side by side on a rockery stone under my Japanese Acers. We went out for a hour or so and on our return there was no sign of them nor could i hear the mother so hopefully they had made it to safely into the undergrowth or in the trees at the back of the house. The garden seems very empty and quiet this evening and i really hope that all 4 babies survive. I kept my Cats in all day and was on guard as much as i could with a water spray for any other Cats that ventured into the garden.

My Wikaniko team has grown since my last post, we have had some great new products added
coir pots and compost, Magnoloo to prevent limesacale, Magnoball does the same thing for your washing machine....goodbye Calgon tablets, toilet smellkill, ecostain, and ecoplates, set of 8 plates that can buried in the flowerbed afterwards and a sunflower will grow - how novel is that!! it also comes with a wine glass holder. Visit my website to see these great products http://www.myeco-biz.co.uk. More new products later in the month.

Now is an excellent time to be joining Wikaniko as there are exciting developments in store over the next few weeks. I will of course update on here.

I still cannot get over how much softer my washing is after using the Bio D washing powder without fabric conditioner as well and have noticed that the tumble dryer doesn't accumulate so much fluff either. I am using soda crystals in with the dishwasher powder which has improved things. I know what you are thinking, tumble dryer and dishwasher, thats not very green.........i have to agree but one step at a time.

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