Monday, 16 August 2010

What an incredible journey

We are now well into August and its been wonderful being able to sit out in the garden and enjoy the good weather we have been fortunate to have here in the South East of England, i know other parts of the country haven't been so lucky. I am now embarking on my Reiki journey, have you ever woken up one morning and you just know what the next step is and that you must do it........... well thats how it was with Reiki. I will keep you posted on my journey but have to say i have a strange sense of calm within me since i knew that was where i was headed. I am now also interested in reflexology and aromatherapy and starting to research courses. It seems that my journey and path is well mapped out and with that comes a lovely sense of calm in all areas of my life.

I am also finding that the books i am reading all link up and reinforce each other which again is a very strong guide that i am on the right course. I will get round to listing the books that have helped me on this journey finding a sense of belonging and fulfillment in case anyone may be interested.

We have a good friends wedding coming up in September followed by Ryan going off to University a week later, new beginnings for all concerned.

Wikaniko is part of my everyday life now, i do something on the Business on a daily basis , whether it is brochure based, generating leads and interest in the biz or talking to the team. It doesn't feel like work because i enjoy it and
knowing it is helping the planet as well is fulfilling in itself. I am eager to spread the word and help as many people as i can in these difficult times to not only reduce the harmful chemicals in their home and environment but to also help them create a second income which will help them and their families.

If you never seem to be able to find the time to wash and wax your car and are fed up with buckets of water or hoses trawling through the house leaking over the kitchen floor like ours does then we have the ideal product for you. Gary took some convincing to even give it a go but now hes hooked :). How would you like to wash and wax your car without any water, yes thats right our waterless wash and wax does just that. Spray on, leave for a couple of minutes, wipe over with a microfibre cloth and then buff up with a clean cloth, its really that simple. Great for tyres and the black trim on your cars which never seems to go black with other products we have tried. In about 10 minutes Gary had done one side of the car and when it rains proof of the puding watch the rain sit in droplets on top of the paintwork. Another product we will be using on a regular basis and another product that helps the Planet.
The WikedKlean Wash ‘n Wax vehicle cleaner is probably the most astonishing advanced eco friendly cleaner ever invented!
Totally biodegradable, and really kind to the environment from all aspects – no chemicals whatsoever, and no need to use any water! Best of all, there is no effort whatsoever required to clean your vehicle. This product does it for you – a showroom finish in less than 15 minutes. No sponges, no water, no buckets, no wax, no chemicals, no Teflon, no silicones. No effort required – it brings out the brilliant colours of the paintwork like you wouldn’t believe…
This innovative formula wraps the dirt in little ‘beads’ which ensures that dust and dirt simply cannot scratch whilst you are cleaning your car. Then, the bodywork is coated with a tough protective barrier to ensure that dirt and rain simply falls off. See the amazing effect when it rains!
Instructions for use: There is absolutely no need to wash the vehicle first (unless it has been off road through a bog or swamp, in which case hose the worst of the mud off). Using a trigger spray, simply spray on, leave for a couple of minutes, then LIGHTLY wipe off using a soft cloth. Then, lightly buff the bodywork with a clean cloth for a gleaming finish.
The emphasis is on the word ‘lightly’ – no elbow grease required.
The bottle should wash and wax a vehicle at least half a dozen times. The more you clean your vehicle with it, the less product you have to use.
Try it on dirty wheels, and even your car interior. Try it on your neighbour’s car too (for example on one of the chrome wheels) - they will want some of this amazing product. Try it on your fibreglass boat, the plastic garden furniture, etc
Please note: This product is completely biodegradable. Therefore, you need to use within 6 months of purchase or it will biodegrade……do not leave in direct sunlight.
500ml trigger spray bottle (enough for 6 washes on small cars, 3 – 4 washes on 4 x 4 vehicles)

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