Wednesday, 28 July 2010

July has been a busy month

It feels like a blink of an eye and we are approaching the end of July. Ryan is off to University in September so we have been busy collating and sending off information for his Student Finance, Abbie has now finished Junior School, i went along to the leaving assembly which was very emotional and both children and parents were in tears, then it was followed by a leavers disco in the evening and more tears. It is the end of 15 years association with the school and i daren't stop and think how many times i have walked the route over that time. I no longer have a child at infant or junior school.

The school holidays are now upon us, the first week flies by as Abbie attends the local Baptists Church Allsorts every morning for a few hours of crafts, games and singing.

We have already made good use of our annual Whipsnade ticket and will no doubt be using it several more times over the next few weeks. I thoroughly recommend anyone who lives near enough to consider a yearly pass as its a great day out or even a few hours with a picnic and theres no panic at having paid to get in and wanting to see it all in one day.

Our efforts to go greener is going well, its becoming a habit now rather than having to think about it, we are recycling everything we can. Our eating habits have also changed, we are making a real effort to not buy any processed foods at all but make meals from ingredients from scratch, no crisps or fancy biscuits, tinned soups etc.
It doesn't at the moment seem to be any more expensive, in fact i think its actually costing us less. The only drawback is when some evenings we are feeling tired after a busy day and really don't feel like cooking but i am trying to make sure we have some meat in and lots of salads which is quick and easy with minimal effort.

I have been reading some great books borrowed from the library on various subjects and i will shortly do a post about the books and review them in case some of you may be interested in taking a look at them. It will also help me by making notes on them which i can then refer back to.

Wikaniko is great, i am still enjoying it more so than any other Biz i have done. It just somehow feels right in every aspect for me. My team is growing steadily and we have got into a great habit of stocking up once a month with our own products especially the aloe vera juice which has become a normal part of our daily routine.
I am still working my way around the village and picking up new customers, still lots to cover and i am definately going to work with more brochures (100) and get a trolley to put them in. I have been looking around and found a nice flowery one which i think will be perfect or perhaps a bright green one as we are encouraging people to try going greener :). I have come to a happy place in my mind about what i want to do with Wikaniko and as our logo states taking "one step at a time", i am still very excited about fetes, fairs and markets and other ways to spread the word but am content at this time to build a customer base in the village first. We have a lot of new products introduced this month ahead of the announcement of "project Wikaniko" which has got us distributors trying to guess what it is. Products like the Fattrap, himalayan bath salts, dead sea bath salts infused with wild Lavender. the product that stands out for me is the Waterless Wash ‘n Wax - probably the most astonishing advanced eco friendly vehicle cleaner ever invented! Read all about it in the shop :). So many ways we could promote this, even possibly another income stream using it!!!!!

Why has it taken me 46 years to realise that its not natural to put chemical laden products on and into our bodies and down our drains, my belief is unless a product has been tested for 10 years at least how can anyone tell what the repurcussions and health issues may be, most things are safe in small quantities but its further down the line when we have been subjecting our bodies to these small daily amounts for years that the real truth about them come to light.

I'm no longer prepared to take that risk and am sticking to organic and natural products in the home and for personal use.

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