Wednesday, 22 September 2010

September Changes

With September came a few major changes for the Law household. Abbie my youngest started secondary school out of the village and gets a school bus. I can't believe it ends 15 years of association with the local school, i dread to think how many times i have walked down the road and back dropping and picking up children from the school.

The biggest change and the one that has knocked me for six because i thought i was ready for it is my Son going off to University. Its something we knew would probably happen for the last 8 years and you would think in that time you could prepare yourself. This year has been busy sorting out student finance, gathering items together for him to take and then finally on Sunday we took him and his belongings up to Sheffield. I kept telling myself it could be alot worse, he could be going to war or be alot more than 140 miles away but it hasn't made it any easier.

The accomodation and the area he is in is fantastic, every facility they could want but nothing can prepare you for the moment you say goodbye, we prolonged it by saying shall we explore a bit and help you get your bearings but the inevitable moment arises. Its not that he doesn't want to do it or be there or that we think hes not ready for it because i know he is but its the fact hes miles away from home, knows nobody and suddenly has to fend for himself. He seems up to the challenge but its us parents that aren't :(. The silly thing we hardly saw him when he was here anyway, he was either working, up in his room or out all hours with his mates, at music festivals and gigs or going to partys in Cardiff!!!. Its only about 12 weeks before hes home for 4 weeks over Christmas so i'm trying really hard to keep things in perspective but its not easy. Wandering around in robotic mode doing what needs to be done, with a lump in your throat all the time. Even finding myself missing the lying awake waiting to hear the key in the door at 3.30am, just tidying the kitchen for him to get up and mess it up again, the sandwich toaster welded to the surface by the melted cheese overflowing, the smell of hair bits and aftershaves when hes getting ready to go out, clambering over his dirty clothes in his room to get to the central heating cupboard and the list goes on............ it was refreshing to see him sign up for a competition to be aware of how much electricity etc they use within their apartment and the prize at the end of the term is free ice cream, i sent up a supply of the Wikaniko black bags and will try perhaps once he finds his feet properly to see if he wants to spread the Wikaniko message but at the moment its all about making friends and socialising and finding out about the area hes now living in.

I am continuing in the Personal Development theme and reading a book about embracing change which i hope will help me through this difficult time. I believe we all have lots we can learn and as i enjoy reading and find it relaxing but also very useful as well reading these types of books seems the way to go and i have to say if i carry on we will have to move out to accomodate all the books.

There has been some interesting developments in Wikaniko this month with even more coming very soon. We now have our own Social networking platform called where anyone can come along and join, the social networking site with a leaning towards eco friendly matters and environmental issues. All input is welcomed. Share your views with other like minded people, so that we can all help to make the world a better place. Just visit my website and follow the tab.
We have also had more products added, we now have over 900 products. I'm busy spreading the Wikaniko name locally and building my customer base locally and online so if you care about the environment and you want to find lots of products that help and some fantastic toiletry products without harmful chemicals check out the shop section of the website. Every product sold is helping the Planet.

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