Thursday, 21 October 2010


We are nearly through October already, time really does fly when you are having fun :), Its been 4 weeks since Ryan went off to University and we are getting used to the idea and adjusting accordingly. We visited last week to take a few items up he wanted and came away feeling very proud with the way he has settled in and getting back into studying after a year out.Considering there are 10 young men sharing the same kitchen and dining area it was tidier than i had expected, far from perfect but also not half as bad i would have thought it would be. It may only be 4 weeks but it feels a lot longer and it was wonderful to see him and seeing that apart from recovering from the tail end of "freshers flu" he looks very well and hasn't wasted away, in fact i am very impressed with his shopping habits and hes made some lovely dishes and is eating very well.

Exciting developments in the Wikaniko Business, we now have a wholesale section and an incredible offer which will enhance our Business. For just £39 small Businesses, therapists, hairdressers, beauticians, independent health food stores, fundraising organisations, nail technicians, health Spas, guest houses, the list just goes on can have their own label set up and access to the wholesale range of goods (approx 100 so far). Each time they order from the wholesale section the labels are printed and sent out free of charge. We have taken advantage of this offer ourselves and now have our label "Laws Greenhaven" set up. All the info about the own brand offer can be seen on my website on the Own Brand tab

New products being added very soon including a new range of shampoos, conditioners,shower gels, handwashes, body wash, etc. It is made to Wikanikos own formulation, and is far superior to anything that they have seen. The products will hit us at the end of the week hopefully. I am personally looking forward to trying them. There will also be some eco-friendly childrens books and some eco-friendly Christmas bits as well as lotions and creams.

Both my Wikaniko and Barefoot Books teams are growing steadily and i am enjoying working with like-minded people to help them grow their Businesses. Its a really good feeling knowing that every product we sell is helping the Planet and not adding to the problems it is facing and the Barefoot Books are helping our youngesters learn from an early age about caring for the environment and respecting different cultures. If you feel that you would like to make an extra income or build a Business with a residual income while having an impact on the Planet as well please do get in touch. Please do also take a look at the products, we take orders from anywhere in the UK for Wikaniko through our website and across many countries for Barefoot Books.

Christmas will soon be upon us, the Law familys favourite time of year. Christmas Tree and decorations go up on the nearest weekend to December 1st :) I'm sure there are ways we can be more eco-friendly at Christmas and will be looking into that over next few weeks. But lets remember that if we all just changed a few of our normal items to eco-friendly ones it would make a difference and its one step which can then be improved upon over time.

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