Saturday, 18 December 2010

Saturday 18th December

Its been an eventful few weeks, we seem to have rescued Ryan from a snowy Sheffield just in time before the weather turned. It has been incredible today, quite deep snow, slow roads and roads closing, cars getting stuck in Supermarket car Parks. We have managed to get out to do the weekly shop and collect Kirsty but was very pleased when we eventually got back in and wouldn't want to repeat the experience again.

Its been approx 9 months since i saw the Wikaniko brochure at my parents house and saw the potential with the fantastic products and joined this great Business. 2011 looks to be an interesting year in the Business. I will be spending the next few weeks pulling together all the ideas i have and formulating a plan for 2011. I am as excited about this Biz as i was back in March. There is just so much potential and different ways to take the Business that its easy to have your brain whirring and i quite often have to take a step back and reorganise my thoughts into some order.

I love trying some new product or two each month, this month its been the jasmine and Heather dead sea body scrub and the seaweed shampoo, oh and the orange and ylang ylang handwash which i absolutely adore. The smell is divine and it leaves your hand so soft. I am also trying the soap flakes liquid this month, its good for cleaning the floor, surfaces as well as laundry so will report back on that next month.

There is still alot that could be done in our household to make us greener but this year we have taken those first steps and look back over the last 9 months and see that by taking it one step at a time doesn't make it feel like major changes are being made but overall little steps add up to a significant change over time. We intend to keep progressing through 2011 and it will be interesting to read my post this time next year and see just how far we have progressed. I have a good foundation building in my Wikaniko team and its wonderful to think that each product a team member sells is helping the Planet as well as helping them by earning an extra income.

If anyone wants any information about joining us in Wikaniko and on our journey whether its just buying their own use products or selling to friends and family or retailing locally in their area through party plan, stalls, brochures through doors or some other way, send me a message and i'll be happy to have a chat or connect with me on facebook or skype debbielaw3.

I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and an abundant NewYear.

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