Thursday, 1 July 2010

Finally we are having a good run of weather here in Buckinghamshire, it has been a busy month.
My son went to the Download Music Festival for 5 days of music and camping. The weather wasn't looking particulary good and he insisted he didn't need to take the suncream........oh dear that was a mistake, they had lovely weather and only one evening of rain when it really did rain so he came home rather muddy, sunburnt and very tired :)
My youngest went to an activity centre in Mid Wales for a week with the school where they had a packed week of orienteering, sailing, kayaking, wall climbing and Abbies favourite bit an assault course with a huge zip wire. She went on the day my son came home so i had a few days to get his washing clean before being bombarded with a case full of dirty clothes on the Friday from Abbie.
I sent a large amount of clothes and every single item was used and she didn't seem to grasp that the black bags i had put in where for the wet and dirty clothes, it all ended up being thrown in the suitcase together.
We had to throw away one T shirt which she used for the assault course, she chose to wear her white one !!!!!!!! i had to laugh though. She had a great time and has grown in confidence and independence.

I have lots of ideas this month on promoting going greener and will hopefully be actioning some of them over the next few months. The aloe vera gel has been vey useful this month and as well as being used as an overnight moisturiser for me i have been sharing with with everyone else for sunburn, dry skin, stings and bruises and its lasting really well, so its great value.

The Bio D washing up liquid is also lasting very well and its so soft on your skin as well. I have ordered some Naturtint hairdye and will get around to trying that, just having second thoughts about the colour i have chosen, wished i'd gone a bit safer.
Customers have given good feedback on the microfibre cloths, limescale remover and doggy poo bags and i am getting repeat orders for the Bio D toilet cleaner and loo blocks (they are very green in more ways than one :)). There have been more promotions in Wikaniko and its very good to see people moving up the Income Plan, this means that product is being turned over and every item sold is another item helping the Planet which is a really good feeling.
I still have lots of the village to cover and am seriously thinking about using at least 100 catalogues and will probably aim to implement that this month at some point, just need to sort out either a basket on the front of my bike or get myself a trolley.

The recycling is going well, we are recycling as much as we possibly can, just wish the rest of the family would wash tins out before recycling rather than leaving them on the side for me to do!!!
at least they don't just put them in the bin to go to landfill though. More interesting chnages happening at Wikaniko over next few weeks and will update you on my next posting.

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